You have just switched to Special One and .....

oh surprise, two days after the first bath ... the coat seems in pain, it begins to tie, felt .....

This happens to us occasionally, fortunately quite rarely, but almost always after certain other brands of cosmetics .... And yes, there is no coincidence .. ..

An attempted explanation, the "dark side" of certain products (and it is not the price you put in these products that allows you to guarantee that it does not concern your animals )

Let's say you have your coffee every morning to wake you up ( Oh, oh! I just joined several! ). Absolutely every morning. Without exception.

That's the coffee! It wakes you up, if you take it black there would even be antioxidant properties!


Imagine one of those mornings when your alarm clock hasn't gone off, you don't have time for your coffee ( and no time to zip through Tim Horton's either )! I can pretty much guarantee you that you are going to be tired, impatient, irritable ... cranky ?

Why ? Because you and your body have become addicted to it. It's proven: you are addicted to caffeine and its "instant wake-up" effects.

Maybe not everyone ... But some people will unfortunately have to admit that this is a true fact.

The same goes for the skin and hair of your animal . If with each bath, with each pschiitttt of detangling spray that you conscientiously spray several times a week, they find themselves covered with a protective layer of silicone. Even going so far as to forget what the wind, the cold, the sun and all other external aggressions were. A kind of laziness develops, of protective dependence which means that without it, the skin + hair duo no longer knows how to self-regulate, manage its porosity, control its degree of hydration. You have just understood why the hair now seems to be in pain .... it asks you for its dose of protective layer, its dose of silicone.

Two solutions are available to you ... either for ease you go back to your old brand (and yes ... this will immediately de-stress the skin and the hair), or you decide to take a step in your grooming quality, in your cosmetic choices.

Come talk to you if you find yourself in this situation.

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