HYDRATING CREAM, sublimating final mask


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HYDRATING CREAM is an instant cosmetic treatment. This cream will nourish, restructure and give hold to the coat.

Hydrating Cream is the best-selling product in Special One's history. It is absolutely essential when discovering the range.

In addition to being arguably the most economical mask on the market (dilution up to 1/100), you will have the choice of using it with or without rinsing.
Who is this product for?

Everyone will find it of real interest!
✅ Groomers ✅ Breeders ✅ Individuals ✅ Competitors ✅ Handlers
What product category does Hydrating Cream fall into?

As effective on the skin as on the hair, this moisturizing mask is mainly used as a conditioning mask after shampoo.

But many will also appreciate its qualities
👍 in a pre-bath mask
👍 in the shampoo
👍 poultice
👍 in the wrappers
👍 in brushing spray

What benefits can I expect?

✅ A better coat
✅ A better result at the end of grooming
✅ Easy detangling
✅ Significantly reduced drying time
✅ Better hold of the hair and therefore grooming
✅ Avoid returning nodes
✅ Rediscovered Vitality
✅ Better growth (qualitative and quantitative)
✅ Better shine
✅ Protection against external agents (chemical and environmental)
✅ Better hydration and therefore management of hair permeability

A natural composition!

The Hydrating Cream formulation is enriched with Argan Oil to nourish, revitalize with an anti-aging effect. Silk extracts that help give a shiny effect for a much more radiant color. Collagen to restructure the hair. Vegetable proteins for perfect hydration of the coat and epidermis.

The result?
Perfectly healthy skin!
🍀 Argan Oil
🍀 Macadamia Oil
🍀 Ginseng
🍀 Seaweed
🍀 Vegetable proteins
🍀 Silk Proteins
🍀 Collagen
🍀 Vitamin E

Examples and suggested uses

Example 1 🔥 For fast, economical and terribly effective grooming:
As a conditioner, mix the Hydrating Cream with warm water, shake or mix to homogenize well, then dilute the mixture with lukewarm water. Apply to skin and hair.
For a pleasant and light volume, use a teaspoon of Hydrating Cream per liter of water, you rinse, or not according to the desire.
For more weight, we will increase the dose of Hydrating Cream (up to 1 or 2 tablespoons per litre). We will not rinse, or little (unless you have completed with oils in the conditioner).

Example 2 🔥 To strongly restructure the fur:
We are going to apply Hydrating Cream as a pre-bath mask (1 to 2 tablespoons / L of water + the usual products you use as a pre-mask), leave on for 5 minutes, do not follow up with your mild shampoo, without rinsing

Recommended Combinations

Entire Special One Range is Compatible with Hydrating Cream
However, our favorite wedding rings go to:
🤝Bain Pro, Aquarosa Pro, Aquapure Pro, 4Poodle Pro in shampoos

🤝Bio Energy & Green Clay Detox Therapy, Bombastic, Hygro Fluid as a pre-bath mask

🤝Can be combined with Aqua Dolce and/or Bombastic and/or Huiles 4 Elements as a final mask

🤝Finalize grooming with Absolute 4Poodle, Mix Pink or Style 360

Our commitments

+90% biodegradable cosmetics

SLES-free, Paraben-free, Silicone-free

Not tested on animals.

Recyclable packaging HDPE02

Choice by race?

🐶 A few examples of breeds that Hydrating Cream is unanimous on:
✔️ All Cats
✔️ All curly coats (Poodles, Bichons, Kerry Blue, Soft Coaten, Bedlington, etc.)
✔️ All Shepherds (Australian, Belgian, German, etc)
✔️ All Cockers (American, English)
✔️ All Tibetan breeds (Shih-Tzu, Lhasa, Tibetan Terrier, etc)
✔️ English Toy Spaniels (Cavalier and King Charles)
✔️ More generally all long and silky furs (Yorkshires, Afghans, etc.)
✔️ All water dogs, retrievers and cattle dogs (Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Golden, etc)
✔️ All primitives / double coats (Spitz, Eurasiers, Samoyeds, etc.)
✔️ All terriers (Scottish, Westie, Welsh, etc)
The list is long and not exhaustive!


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