Where to buy Crown Royale Grooming Shampoo?

The Crown Royale Grooming range was founded in 1983.

It all started with Biovite shampoos and Magic Touch grooming sprays, which quickly became very popular with dog show professionals. The full line of Crown Royale grooming products was then developed into formulas to meet the needs of different coat types.

Crown Royale Ltd. continues to offer new and innovative products to handling professionals, breeders, exhibitors, groomers and pet owners around the world.

All products are proudly made in the USA with impeccable quality as a primary goal.

For which dogs to buy Crown Royale cosmetics?

The three Biovite formulas have a surprisingly high composition and are enriched with biotin, vitamin Panthenol and allantoin. Biovite deeply cleanses and conditions both the coat and the skin and revitalizes damaged hair by stimulating the skin and accelerating the metabolism of inert cells to promote hair growth and delay hair loss. These three formulas give the coat the desired texture immediately and in a long-lasting way. You don't have to wait days for the texture to come back.

Crown Royale conditioners are formulated to restore body and radiance and to add needed moisture. Crown Royale conditioners are the right choice for restoring hydration and shine.

How to use Crown Royale Grooming shampoo?

Individual formulation for breed and type of coat


All formula recommendations are based on coat texture and body which conforms to individual breed standard. These recommendations were made after extensive testing by many leading professional dog handlers and well-known dog breeders.

* Sensitive skin, please use Crown Royale Aloe Soothing Oat Spray