❗️Dummy and fur coats are sold separately❗️

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Dog mannequins are ideal for learning all the trends and styles during dog groomer training periods

Highly demanded in hairdressing academies, these dogs do not move, bite or need to rest, so they allow more concentration and time for learning

They are also very interesting for expert groomers because another of the functions of these mannequins is to allow them to display their various works in their grooming salons so that customers can choose the style of cut that they prefer for their dog

Designed by experts in dog breeds and grooming for almost total realism in terms of both morphology and coat
Plastic dummy

Tête de mannequin - Petdesign.fr Setter Bakio S.L. pour chien en France, produit de haute qualité

Mannequin head

14,89 €
Asian mannequinAsian mannequin

Asian mannequin

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