A second animal at home

When a new dog arrives, the goal will be to bring the animals together in the best possible conditions.

Do not forget that the resident is already the master of the premises and he must be treated as such. The newcomer should not disrupt his habits but integrate into the family as discreetly as possible.

It is important to keep the dominance of the resident and, for that, to give him the greatest part of his attention: the first caresses, the first bowl will be for him ... Of course, close surveillance will prevent any untimely and aggressive brawl . The right attitude is to help animals get to know each other and live together.

This resident can be a dog: In this case, cohabitation takes little time and they will quickly become playmates.

It can be a cat: if one of the two is still very young, there will be few problems (either they get along well, or each one stays in his corner). Otherwise, the expression "get along as a dog and a cat" will take on its full meaning and, in this case, life is likely to be hectic. Better to separate from one of the two. However, this second case remains relatively rare because, more often than not, each one finds his territory and avoids that of the other.