We sell everything so that you have the best at home: grooming table, dog scissors, professional clippers, etc.

Grooming is an art we cultivate!

Do you know that? Grooming equipment has become a real headache for professionals ! The quality material makes the difference in terms of both results and fatigue and working pleasure!

Combs or clippers that don't stand up to anything, scissors that go awry from your first movements: all of this, you will find full catalogs of them, but not here!

With the exception of the handcrafted Special One scissors in Italy, there are hardly any manufacturers in Europe any more.

A bad worker never has a good tool. And it is true that with the best gestures in the world, without the correct and suitable tool, you will not achieve anything!

This is why we have chosen to bring together equipment, whose professional quality we guarantee .

We know their manufacturers, we test their products, and we make sure they maintain or improve their quality and performance.

Now all you have to do is make your choice !

We have compiled here a whole collection of tools and accessories that will allow everyone to groom easily. Point of discount, the cheap does not rhyme with good grooming. On the other hand, we assure you an optimal level of performance in all the fields of activity offered:

professional dog clipper : used by groomers as a last resort, when the situation is irremediable ... Very often it is with great regret that they use animal clippers, ultimately used primarily to free animals from their tangled knots ... (we advise you to try the use of our high-performance Special One cosmetics!).

dog grooming scissors : whether straight or curved, thinners or notches, you must have the choice of material. Very often, the pros have dozens of pairs of dog scissors available to deal with all everyday situations. You can imagine that the bowls of an American cocker spaniel are not cut with the same material as the silky coat of a Yorkie or even the beard of a schnauzer!

dog trimmer : also called a dog waxing knife, this barbaric grooming tool is specifically designed for a job. as neat and quick as possible. You probably know that the hair of many breeds of dogs does not fall out on its own ... Yes, the telogen phase does not allow the expulsion of dead hair. A mechanical action is therefore required to restore the dog to a normal look, that is to say showing only healthy, living hairs. This practice of hair removal with a trimmer for cats also exists. The tweezer is another way of working, while other groomers will prefer manual or plastic finger cradle depilation.

dog bathtub : What would animal grooming be without a bathtub? Any professional will pay particular attention to the bathing stage. Indispensable for the evacuation of dirt and impurities, the shampoo and the masks applied must allow gentle washing, without ever endangering the skin sebum, so precious ...For this step to be perfectly mastered, choosing a good grooming tub is a crucial step: take into account the height of it (often adjustable by hydraulic or electric jack), its depth, the size of its edges In the same Logically, take into account the material in which the dog bathtub that you buy was created: plastic or metal, each material has its specificities. Take a look at all of our product sheets to find out more.

accessories and grooming equipment various: a complex and constantly evolving field, grooming requires more and more sophisticated tools allowing a complete control of the morphology of the animal. The hair is a living substance which tames and stands up ... your needs. Train yourself, train yourself, and we will accompany you to excel ;.

Ibáñez Talenty ProIbáñez Talenty Pro

Ibáñez Talenty Pro

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Set 4 Ciseaux Gold Edition Bloom

Set 4 Ciseaux Gold Edition Bloom

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