The most high-end French scissors on the market.

Unique ergonomics and sharpness.

A good pair of dog grooming scissors is an essential part of your job. They allow you to get the job done with the best quality and in the most professional manner.

In the world of professional grooming, precision and quality of cut are essential. Bloom scissors provide groomers with the excellence and precision needed to transform any grooming into a work of art. Whether you sculpt, taper, chunk or blend, the Bloom range is designed to meet all your needs with excellence and durability.

The Bloom Sculptors

Features and Benefits

Sculptors Bloom are designed to gently remove volume while creating natural texture in the coat. With their evenly spaced teeth, these scissors can remove up to 40% of the volume without leaving any demarcation, ideal for thick fur or cuts requiring a subtle finish.

  • Application: Perfect for volume adjustments on long-haired or dense breeds, providing an even cut without sacrificing length.

Bloom Thinners

Features and Benefits

The Thinners Bloom have a higher number of teeth for increased precision, allowing you to work on the texture and finish without removing too much material. They are essential for fine-tuning details and softening transitions, making the coat perfectly fluid and natural.

  • Application: Ideal for delicate finishes around the paws, face and ears, where precision is crucial.

The Bloom Chunkers

Features and Benefits

Chunkers Bloom are specially designed to remove large amounts of hair quickly and effectively, while creating a distinct textured effect. Their wide, spaced teeth are perfect for working on very dense furs, reducing volume significantly without compromising the overall aesthetic.

  • Application: Excellent for lightening very dense fur or for preparing the coat before more precise cutting.

Bloom Blenders

Features and Benefits

Blenders Bloom are the finishing tools par excellence, with their high density of fine teeth, they guarantee impeccable transitions between different hair lengths. They are essential for creating soft and natural gradient effects, without visible lines.

  • Application: Perfect for breeds requiring complex cuts with subtle gradients, such as Poodles or Bichon Frises.

Choose Bloom for Professional Grooming

By choosing Bloom for your grooming needs, you are choosing a brand that understands the importance of precision, durability, and comfort. Whether you're working on everyday maintenance cuts or competition styles, Bloom scissors are designed to deliver exceptional results, every time.


The Bloom range of scissors is specifically designed to meet the requirements of professional groomers. By integrating these high-quality tools into your practice, you not only ensure precision grooming but also unparalleled comfort and satisfaction for your four-legged clients.

With Bloom, transform each grooming session into a demonstration of your art and professionalism.

Criteria/Type of Scissors Rights Curves Blenders Chunkers Eppers Sculptors
Description Straight blades for clean and precise cuts. Curved blades to follow natural contours. Teeth very close together to blur transitions. Wide, spaced teeth to remove lots of hair. Fine teeth for tapering without removing too much volume. Teeth spaced to moderately texturize and remove volume.
Main Use Clean, detailed cuts. Rounded cuts, contours. Finishes, soft transitions. Rapid volume reduction, texture. Fine finishes, precise adjustments. Texturization, slight thinning.
Ideal Hair Type All types. All types, ideal for curved areas. All types, especially for finishes. Thick/dense hairs. All types, for fine adjustments. Mid-length to long hair.
Percentage of Hair Removed N/A N/A 15-25% 40-70% 15-25% 30-40%
Advantages High precision for contours and details. Perfect for specific cuts and rounded shapes. Blends without marking, ideal for finishes. Quickly removes a large amount of hair. Allows subtle adjustments without removing too much volume. Creates natural texture effects without visible cuts.
Limitations Less versatile for rounded shapes. Less suitable for straight and precise cuts. Does not remove much volume. May be too aggressive for fine hairs. Requires an expert hand to avoid removing too much hair. Less effective on very short or very fine hairs.

At Petdesign, we offer all possible categories of scissors:

Straight scissors for all furs, curved scissors for making all the curves in grooming salons, dog scissors with teeth, sculpting scissors for invisible work, tapered scissors with teeth on both blades, chunkers and blenders for a natural look and to maintain the volume of the dog's coat, Petdesign and Special One scissors are all made of Japanese steel and never of Germanic steel. Their manufacturing requires more than 20 unit operations in order to have a perfect edge.

The scissors are economical, offered at 40% off because they are sold directly from the factory. Our scissors allow us to equip dog breeders and grooming salons for their daily use but also for all competitions. A magnificent result with perfect velvet! A unique, quiet cutting edge

Whether you're looking for straight dog grooming scissors or curved dog grooming scissors, we have what you need.

How to choose the right scissors for perfectly executed dog grooming

If you are a professional groomer, you probably know that your scissors must always be comfortable in your hand and perfectly adapted to your needs. This way, you minimize fatigue and the risk of tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Many groomers have several pairs of scissors to do different types of haircuts. If you're new to grooming, don't spend a lot of money on your first scissors because you'll probably want to upgrade them very quickly as your style and skills develop.

What size scissors would suit me?

Some stylists prefer short scissors, others prefer long ones. To some extent it depends on the type of cutting you are doing. The length of a chisel is measured from the tip of the blade to the end of the longest finger hole. To find your ideal size, place a pair of scissors on the palm of your hand with the finger hole touching the base of your thumb, the tip of the blade should be in the bottom section of your middle finger.

What type of blade for which haircut?

There are mainly two types of grooming scissor blades: beveled edges and convex blades. The type of blade largely depends on your experience in the field, personal preference, and what you can afford.

Beveled Edge Blade Beveled edge blades are made from a blend of metals that makes them very lightweight. Most European scissors have this design with micro-serrations on one or both blades. These micro-serrated blades are perfect for beginners because they prevent hair from sliding down the blade. They are also good for slow detail cutting or for use on dry hair, but not for slip cutting as the hair will get stuck on the blade.

Convex Blades – Japanese Scissors Often referred to as “Japanese style,” convex blades are the sharpest type of blade with a razor-like edge. All convex edge scissors are hollow inside which gives a very smooth cutting action. They can be used for all cutting techniques but are particularly good for slip cuts due to their sharpness. However, they can be more difficult for beginners to handle and require some experience to use effectively. It is important to note that Japanese scissors are generally more expensive than European scissors, but they also have a longer lifespan.

In summary, it is important to choose scissors that are comfortable in your hand and suitable for your dog hair cutting needs. It's also important to consider your personal experience and preferences when choosing between beveled edge blades and convex blades. Also be sure to consider the cost and lifespan of the scissors before making your decision.

What are the different types of dog grooming scissors available?

Dog grooming scissors are available in many sizes and shapes. The three main types are: straight scissors, curved scissors and blunt scissors. It's handy to have a small pair of scissors for delicate areas, like the ears and feet, a long pair for general trimming, and if your dog's coat requires blending or trimming, a pair of blunting scissors.

Scissors are a very personal tool, as the size and brand you use will greatly depend on their suitability for your hand. All of our hands are different and so a pair of scissors may feel comfortable and balanced in your hand but not in someone else's. If you are left-handed, you don't necessarily need left-handed scissors. Most suppliers will allow you to handle the scissors before purchasing to check that they are suitable for your needs. As clipping is the most important technique to master in grooming, it is essential to have the best pair of scissors for you.

How to choose the right size scissors for your hand?

Scissors come in a range of sizes, shapes and prices, but in this case, the more expensive, the better. Start your scissor collection with a pair of multi-purpose scissors, costing around £30-40. Then, as you become more confident and competent, build your collection to meet different mowing needs. An excellently finished pair of scissors can be expensive but useful.

What is the best type of blade for each type of dog haircut?

The metal the scissors are made from and their cutting edge determine whether the scissors will be suitable for trimming thick coats or for finer finishing work. Always seek advice before purchasing scissors. Scissors must be maintained and stored properly. A variety of scissor pouches are available and only one pair should be stored in a pouch. Scissors should not be stored on their tips in a container as this could damage them. Scissors should never be dropped, if you drop them, have them serviced by a professional. Scissors should only be serviced and sharpened by a competent professional. High quality and expensive scissors require precise sharpening and overhaul. Make sure your technician is knowledgeable and understands your needs. If you are left-handed or have hand/wrist problems, you should tell the technician so they can ensure the service takes your (operator's) needs into account. Oiling and cleaning your scissors is essential to maintaining peak performance. Carefully slide a little oil onto each blade and around the hinge to keep the parts moving freely. Remember to clean the blade before using it. Attention ! Professional scissors are extremely sharp.

How to properly maintain and store your dog grooming scissors?

Using scissors Flexibility and control are essential when using scissors to achieve a smooth, even finish. Balancing and gripping the scissors in your hand takes practice, but you have to practice! Practice holding the scissors in the following way: • Balance them on your hand and insert the end of your third finger into the finger hole. • Place your little finger on the finger rest and balance your middle and index fingers on the shaft. The scissors should be here, fairly balanced and stable. • Insert the end of your thumb into the other finger hole. The thumb does not hold the scissors, but it operates them. • Practice using your thumb to operate the blades. Scissor Exercises As a groomer, we rarely cut in a straight line and so we need to practice how to use scissors in the best possible way. The following exercises may be helpful for using your scissors: Hold your arm straight at your side, and moving your thumb in a scissoring action, raise your arm keeping your shoulder level and the scissors parallel to the floor with your wrist in a relaxed position). Practice cutting different shapes like curved lines, circles or angles. This will help you improve your precision and confidence using the scissors;

How to use scissors for a smooth and even finish?

It is important to remember that to achieve perfect cuts, it is necessary to master mowing techniques and to train regularly to improve your skills. It is also important to choose quality scissors, adapted to your hand and your needs, and to maintain them correctly to maintain their performance.

Bloom scissors, in the context of the premium grooming scissors market, can have several competitive advantages based on their design, quality and associated services. Here are some potential competitive advantages that such products offer:

  1. Premium Quality: Premium grooming scissors like those from Bloom are often made from the best quality stainless steel, which ensures precise and long-lasting cutting. Corrosion resistance and the ability to maintain a sharp edge over a long period of time can be distinctive strengths.

  2. Ergonomics and Comfort: An ergonomic design that reduces hand and wrist fatigue can be a major advantage for grooming professionals who use these tools for extended periods of time. Bloom scissors could offer features like adjustable handles, comfortable finger rests, and perfect balance.

  3. Innovation and Technology:Incorporating innovative technologies, such as adjustable tension mechanisms or coated blades for a smoother cut, can set Bloom scissors apart from other options available on the market.

  4. Versatility: A range of products designed for different grooming needs, such as precision cutting, thinning or sculpting, can meet a variety of professional demands, providing a complete solution of grooming.

  5. Design and Aesthetics: Attractive design combined with exceptional functionality can also be a key factor. Custom or unique finishes can make Bloom scissors particularly appealing to professionals wanting to stand out.

  6. Customer Service and Support: Exceptional customer service, including strong warranties, sharpening and repair services, and timely support, can be a significant competitive advantage, strengthening customer loyalty and providing added value.

  7. Reputation and Brand:A brand recognized for its quality, innovation and excellence in service can create strong brand loyalty and preference, which is crucial in a competitive market.

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