Choosing the right dog transport bag is essential!

The nature of the train journey with your dog depends ... on his weight! SNCF regulations are very clear: a dog weighing less than 6 kg must be taken in a transport bag. It can be taken out, provided it is kept on a leash. You can install it at your feet, or even on your knees. It will cost around thirty francs for his master to keep him with him. For a dog weighing more than 6 kg, the price of transport is equivalent to a second class half-fare ticket. For two or more dogs, it costs one full price second class ticket per dog. Tickets for the master and the dog (s) must be taken at the same time, and be composted before departure.

In theory, the dog should be kept on a leash and muzzled. If this is wise, the controllers can accept that the muzzle is not put on. However, it is best to take one with you, to be prepared for any eventuality. It is forbidden for the dog to be installed on the benches: it must be at the feet of its master. For large dogs, it is better to reserve a place for them near the door and attach them to the luggage rack, otherwise they will be very poorly seated between the seats. In compartment trains, the dog may accompany his master in one of them, if no other passenger objects. In the event of a refusal, the handler and the dog must stay in the corridor. Some breeds are prohibited on public transport (Pit bull, Boerbull, assimilated Mastiff, assimilated Tosa) and others must imperatively wear a muzzle (Tosa, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler and similar).

In general, dogs tolerate train journeys well, a low-noise, stable and air-conditioned means of locomotion. Cases of motion sickness are extremely rare. However, avoid feeding him just before departure, and give him a "pee break" beforehand! Also plan a bottle of water and a bowl, knowing beforehand what the dog can drink before "forgetting himself". For everyone's comfort, we will take care to calm his dog if he moans, if he is angry ... Sometimes a little sedative or a little hug can help you (and him too) have a good trip.