Elastic for correction of the positioning of the teeth

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These dental elastics are very practical for temporarily correcting the position of the teeth. They allow you to avoid the slightest penalty at dog shows, for example.

Objectives: Correction dog teeth, correct pincer teeth, hide undershot jaw dog dog show judge

Orthodontic elastic, specially designed to help correct the bite position of dogs who need it.

With these elastics, we can temporarily or permanently replace badly implanted teeth, move teeth back lower teeth for example when the dog is slightly undershot or the jaw is in claws.

It does not correct a prognathic jaw, but moves protruding teeth into the correct position. Very easy to use.

The rubber is placed from croc to croc, at the base. In front of the teeth at their base, without managing to catch the gum so as not to irritate it and so that the dog does not feel upset.

When the teeth have reached the desired position, keep the gum for a few weeks, until the teeth assert their new corrected position.

Strip 50 centimeters to cut to size needed, depending on the size of the dog's mouth.