MIX PINK, Bi-phase conditioning


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The ESSENTIAL conditioning spray from Special One ✨ Our Best Seller✨

Who is this product for?
Everyone will find it of real interest!
☑️ Groomers ☑️ Breeders ☑️ Individuals ☑️ Competitors ☑️ Handlers

MIX PINK is a professional conditioner with a two-phase structure (an oily phase, an aqueous phase)

Ideal for detangling, daily brushing regardless of the type of care and breed, twists, conditioning fur before shows, etc.

What benefits can I expect?

✅ Detangling action
✅ Efficient and fast detangling
✅ Sheathing and shine of the coat
✅ Remove static electricity
✅ Moisturizing action
✅ Prevents hair breakage
✅ Prevent fast back nodes
✅ Allows successful brushing, making the hair very slippery and relaxed (even when you have clinging sensations when drying starts)

Composition: focus on naturalness!
Mix Pink is a two-phase spray that acts on the coat as a powerful restructuring and moisturizing agent.

You will appreciate its natural composition:
🍀 Rich in macadamia oil (hydrating and nourishing action)
🍀 Lanolin ( constitutes a natural barrier against external aggressions ),

Examples and suggested uses

Spray Mix Pink 20-30cm from the hair. Brush / comb.
✨Ideal for daily brushing between baths ✨

Recommended Combinations

Entire Special One Range Compatible with Mix Pink Spray

However, our favorite wedding rings go to:

🤝Hydrating cream, Bombastic and Aqua Dolce in conditioner...

Our commitments

+90% biodegradable cosmetics

Paraben Free

Not tested on animals.

Recyclable packaging HDPE02

Choice by race?

🐶 All races, without exception, will achieve a pleasant and visually successful result.

This product is a "must have" in every grooming case :)

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