The 120 days which symbolize reproduction in dog breeding:

two months of gestation + 2 months to give the puppy all the autonomy allowing him to join a new home

During this period, your dog will undergo physiological and physical changes and her diet will have to be adapted.

From the 6th week, gradually increase the daily rations. The amounts increase as the due date approaches. The quantities also vary depending on the size of the litter. If there are a lot of babies, it is advisable to split into smaller, more frequent meals.

During the whole lactation, offer several times a day good quantities of Barf to your dog. Breastfeeding a litter will generate a great need for energy for the mother, so it is advisable to give her her ration "at will" during the first month of lactation. Then you will reduce his rations according to his appetite.
Offer the first barf rations from 3 weeks to your dogs. Ideally start with the Barf Starter for 5-6 days. At the start you will offer a single meal with a small amount of Barf. Then add a new meal of Barf each day until you reach 5 daily meals.

From there, then switch to one new meat per week.

You will change the rations according to the consumption of the litter, up to 5 weeks you let the puppies guide you on the rations they are able to absorb.

As an indication, it is estimated that until the puppies are eight weeks old, they will consume between 100 and 120g per KG of puppy and per day.

Here is what Barf Starter rations contain: chicken (meat + bone) 87%, raw vegetables 15% (carrots + zucchini), brewer's yeast, green clay, rapeseed oil and chicory root

Vitamin to avoid

The only vitamin to avoid is vitamin A. Large doses of retinol can cause damage in the very first weeks of pregnancy. Avoid giving too much liver and do not give cod liver oil to a pregnant female.

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