Artero Miami jacket

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Artero presents its wardrobe models for the most up-to-date dog hairdresser or veterinary clinic of great elegance and comfort.

This is not only important for the image, but also for health and safety. Turn your work uniform into fashion! Fully personalized workwear with a fun print.

Short-sleeved work clothes are designed by Artero for dog groomers, veterinarians, veterinary clinic assistants, breeders or personnel related to the dog world.

Features Special fabric that prevents hair from sticking to clothes.

Pocket with flap to prevent the dog's paw from getting stuck in the pocket.
Practical black zipper. Mao's neck.

Fabric printed in different shades of blue and white. Artero logos embroidered on the collar, sleeves and pocket flap.

Flap pocket, collar and sleeves finished in black with Artero logo. Resistant, comfortable and light.

It does not wrinkle and dries quickly. Wash in cold water (max. 30ºC). He does not need an iron.

Do not tumble dry the garment. Special fabric, admits to be washed in bleach for color. Unisex.