Tele-Conik Breastplate

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Becada Tele-Conik Collar
Tele-Conik Scholarship Collar by Remote Control.
Up to 3 dogs with the same order. Range: 300m.

Four different sounds: woodcock, quail, hawk and "beep".

Two operating modes.
This only shows: when the dog is in the sample for at least 8 seconds, the collar will start ringing.
Sample and test: besides the beep sound when it is in the sample, it will beep every 8,12,16 or 20 seconds. < br>
Magnetic power on / off
Pause function via the control, in case the dog's activity is temporarily interrupted.
It will automatically turn on after two hours if you left it accidentally paused.

The sample beep can be stopped with the control once you have located the dog.

Two volume control positions: high and low.

It measures: 4.8x8.2 cm. Weight: 136 g.
Power supply for the collar: 1 9v battery (6LR50)

It measures: 4x1.2 cm.
Power supply: 2 12v batteries. (3LR5)