SPRENGER Ultra Plus Clicklock Clamps in Stainless Steel

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SPRENGER ULTRA-PLUS training collars are unique in the world. They feature a central plate that offers a synchronized link configuration and ensures constant pressure on both sides of the neck. This is the ultimate evolution of the classic training collar.

These collars are made of STAINLESS STEEL, which has great advantages over normal steel, especially in coastal areas or areas very damp where the steel rusts or stains even in the store before being sold. SPRENGER STAINLESS STEEL products have a triangular plate with a red dot. Also, all chains are engraved.

The Sprenger Cliclock allows us to put on and take off the dog collar without having to pull it over the dog's head, and to lock the clasp to that it cannot accidentally open until we release the safety catch.

German-made SPRENGER chains enjoy the greatest prestige around the world for their high quality and maximum strength.

SPRENGER ULTRA-PLUS STAINLESS STEEL CLICLOCK COLLARS are available in two colors, the classic natural steel color and the new shiny black version, very elegant and innovative.
< br> Measure your dog's neck and determine the most suitable size yourself.

This type of collars is the most used by training professionals. They are very useful for "forced recovery" work and are the closest thing to a dog's mouth.