Theory, history and projections on animal nutrition

At Petdesign: Petfood ( barf chien , croquettes, raw food and other high-end foods) + Food supplements (skin, hair, age, joints, etc.) + treats = animals beautiful and good in their pads.

It all starts with high quality ingredients. This is one of the pillars of our approach to nutrition: cats and dogs are carnivores and should be fed as such. Our range of food products includes special products with ultra-targeted properties and products designed to respond to different stages of life, breed sizes, particular sensitivities and activity levels.

Knowing the nutritional needs specific to each breed have brought us closer to exceptional partners, keen to create the best Petfood products that are.

The nutritional approach of is simple: feed dogs and cats as nature would.

Our vision for the evolution of companion animal nutrition:

If the 20th century was marked by the massive shift from a traditional diet (= comparable to that of humans, with varying ratios between the different food families) towards a mass industrial diet, this does not was not without consequence! Indeed, our dogs and cats, traditionally companions on the farms of our countryside, forcibly consumed the leftovers of the family's dishes. With the appearance of industrial preparations, dry for the kibble, and wet for the mash, but always cooked, and the result of drastic economic ratios, the quality of the food administered has seen a major deterioration, at least standardized from below. .

It was not until almost the last decade of the 20th century that public opinion, and companies with a virtual monopoly on the market, really looked into improving the quality of daily portions of animal feed. Today, food composition labels are peeled, shared on forums and social networks, thus creating particularly thoughtful emulations and decisions. No one can ignore what he gives his dog cat as food, from the moment he documents a minimum ... But google is our friend, so ... I dare to think that no one can, today ' hui, stay in the dark.

Several particularly interesting trends emerge from this collective awareness, and major currents of thought are emerging! Let's take advantage of it!

For those who want to feed as nature once did, there is of course the 100% raw: BARF = BARF acronym used for "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food ". For the less radical, RAW Food is a particularly attractive alternative. We will detail in this site the main principles, and will give you the keys to this food typically in vogue these days. For us, the future of dog cat food lies in these two terms!

When it comes to dog food like this, Low Grain & Grain Free is on the shelves, both in pet stores and in supermarkets and on the internet. The most upscale segment of the petfood market, these kibbles with little or no cereals in their composition, contrast categorically with the main economic principles of the petfood industry, which relegated meat to an ever smaller share.To caricature, the most sarcastic even compared the croquettes of the big brands to food for birds and poultry because cereals had taken the upper hand over meat products! What a shame!

On PetDesign, we will always remain attentive to market developments, in order to provide you with the most ethical solutions possible!