OWNAT PRIME Grain Free Senior grain free with chicken & turkey for senior dogs

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Ultra Premium OWNAT croquettes, grain-free, for seniors (> 7 years old)

And always ... 70% meat and fish including 50% fresh chicken + turkey - 30% of plant ingredients. NO Grain Free.

SENIOR Grain Free


Ultra high end, help your senior dog to age better


We offer you the croquettes created by the Spanish brand MAXIMA at the best price on the web! Is your dog over 7 years old?

So these SENIOR Grain-free kibbles are for him! complete satisfaction:

• Avoids overweight thanks to its lipid rate limited to only 14%

• Relieves and preserves the joints and cartilages thanks to an additional supply of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine in sufficient quantities

• Delays natural aging and promotes a longer life, thanks to the addition of polyphenols and tocophenols, as well as natural antioxidants

What daily dose for my animal?

The recommended daily quantities are always indicative. It is therefore important to adjust your pet's ration to its specific needs, depending on factors such as age, physiological state, physical activity, ... Respect a transition period when you change the diet of your dog, in order to avoid gastrointestinal disturbances.

Weight of the dog Daily amount (gr)
1-5 30-75
5-10 75-150
10-20 150-220
20-30 220-320
30-40 320-420
40-50 420-515
50-60 515-600
60-70 600-650

What's in this food?

Discover the detailed composition on the Technical sheet tab of this product.

The components the main ones are:

• Chicken

• Turkey

• Fish

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