Polyurethane Dog Collar 2,5x70 Cm Camouflage

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Ibáñez necklaces in polyurethane. 25 mm.
Very strong and resistant Ibanez polyurethane collars. Virtually unbreakable.

Easy-to-clean collars Ideal for your hunting dog.

You can write on them with "permanent marker" to identify the dog.

Wide variety of colors divided into two ranges: one discreet and elegant and another very striking to locate and identify each dog in working situations at a distance or in low light.

· 2.5 cm x 70 cm

They can be adjusted to necklaces from very narrow to very thick (adjustable from 10 to 70 cm in perimeter).

They have so much time for each user to adjust their dog, then cut off the excess.

There are other collars on the market made of PVC.

Polyurethane and PVC are very strong materials. However, polyurethane clamps have advantages over PVC:
· They have a longer life
· They are more flexible.
· They do not emit any odor (PVC emits a plastic odor ).