In-Ground Fence For Pcf Cats (PCF-1000-20)

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Invisible Fence Pet Safe Pcf For Cats
Leak-proof fence for very small dogs and cats over 2.6 kg.
Up to 1500 meters perimeter.
Ultra-light receiver with 4 levels of correction. Level 1 is just sound.
The collar works with 2 common 3v button batteries.
Submersible collar
Transmitter powered at 220v.
The range can be adjusted from 50 cm to 150 cm .
Cable (150m.) And flags (50) included.

This is how invisible fences work.
The territory allocated to the dog or cat is delimited by a leaving cable of a transmitter. The cable can be placed in any way, it can even be buried so that it cannot be seen or obstructed.
The dog is wearing an educational collar. As the dog approaches the area where the cable is located, the collar will beep so the dog does not continue to approach. If it persists, the dog is activated and receives a small deterrent impulse that forces it to withdraw.
The dog quickly learns to respect the limits of its territory.
You can create un-broadcast wire zones so that the dog can move freely on the cable. During the first few days, flags help you know your limits. Then they withdraw.