Dogtrace 6th Sense Digital Invisible Dog Fence

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Antifugas Valla Dogtrace D-Fence 6th Sense Digital 2200 Meters
Dogtrace D-Fence 6th SENSE Digital Fence.
Prevent your dog from escaping your farm or entering restricted areas. < br> The cable, when buried, becomes "invisible" and does not obstruct the passage of vehicles or people.

For dogs of all sizes.
Very easy to install and control .

· Up to 2200 meters perimeter.
· Modern design with LCD display and touch control.
· With signal stabilizer that ensures even signal distribution throughout installation.
· Less sensitivity to possible signal interference.
· Multilingual menu

3 year warranty

· Dimensions: 156 x 116 x 34 mm.
· Warning and correction zone from 0 to 10 meters.
· Separate adjustment of warning and correction zones.
· Includes anti-cut battery (duration 16 hours).
· Connected to the network u (220 V.)

· Submersible.
· Size: 34 x 40 x 62 mm.
· Nylon strap adjustable from 20 to 70 cm.
· Weight: 65 g. (with battery)
· Works with one CR2 3V battery, included.
· 8 levels of electrostatic pulse.
· Battery life: 6 months (standby).
< br> The invisible fence kit includes: signal transmitter, 100 m cable roll. and 1 receiver collar.

For optimal system operation, the cable must be connected to the transmitter and must form an uninterrupted circuit.

For installations over 500 meters "" linear "", we advise you to contact us at 96 687 43 54.

This is how invisible fences work.
The territory allocated to the dog is delimited by a cable starting from a transmitter.
The cable can be placed in any way, it can even be buried so that it cannot be seen or obstructed.
The dog is wearing an educational collar.
When the dog approaches the area where the cable is, the collar beeps so the dog does not continue to approach. If it persists, the dog is activated and receives a small deterrent impulse that forces it to withdraw.
The dog quickly learns to respect the limits of its territory.
You can create un-broadcast wire zones so that the dog can move freely on the cable.
During the first few days, flags help you to know your limits. Then they withdraw. "