YuMEGA Boost, Hair growth

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Allows the hair of dogs and cats to grow very quickly.

Ideal for dog shows

YuMEGA Boost


Accelerates hair growth

How does this dietary supplement work?

Yumega BOOST is a powder that will act as a growth catalyst. The phospholipids (essential fatty acids), minerals and vitamins it contains are known to play a crucial role in the hair growth of dogs & cats.

A complex and effective composition! Lecithin provides a source of fatty acids that are essential for hair growth. Biotin improves the condition of the skin and fur. Zinc plays is necessary for good skin health and is known to be an essential element for hair growth. Natural yeast and liver are sources of vitamin B, they also help growth. Vitamins C and E are essential antioxidants that promote healthy skin. The mannan-oligosaccharide allows good assimilation of nutrients to promote rapid fur growth.

Use our winning duo: Yumega Boost coupled with the Yumega Dog Show. Yumega Dog Show improves the condition and beauty of the coat, encourages growth. Yumega Boost helps rapid hair growth and maintains its vitality.

YuMEGA selects the finest and richest vegetable oils in Omega 3 & 6: Yumega is a unique blend of oils obtained by cold pressing of golden flax and borage seeds. No chemical extraction or refinement. Then vitamin E, of plant origin, is added to help preserve the oils. Finally, salmon oil is added. Consider giving barf chien to promote hair growth with the most balanced diet possible.


Yumega Show Dog:

Improves coat condition

• Aaccelerates hair growth in record time

• Purifies the condition of the skin

• Works in symbiosis with Yumega oils

How to calculate the daily dosage to be administered?

This product is very easy to use. Just mix it with your dog's main meal.Introduce it gradually, giving only half a dose during the first week.

Dog weight Daily amount
0 ➔ 10 Kg 1 dose
11 ➔ 20 Kg 2 doses
21 ➔ 30 Kg 3 doses
31 Kg and + 4 doses

Measure the indicated dose using the measuring spoon provided.

What's in this product?

Discover the detailed composition on the Technical Sheet tab of this food supplement.


• Biotin

• Vitamins E and C

• Zinc

• Lecithin

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