Wahl cooling spray

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Indispensable spray for the correct use of the heads.

Lubricates, cleans the heads and, above all, cools them instantly.
Extends the life of the sharpening tools.
Allows you to work continuously at high speeds without having to stop stop or change your mind.
Lubricates as much as necessary so as not to interrupt a working day. No oil stains.
Allows continuous work, even on clean hair.
At the end of the day, it is recommended to apply a few drops of special oil to the heads.
Cleans the head:
It has a special applicator that allows the product to be directed better.
It comes out strongly dragging the hairs that could have remained between the comb and the blade.
- Burning the skin of the animal with the heat of steel.
- The premature blunting of the head of the comb.

Contains 400 ml.