NATURAL Fun Steering Wheel - Natural Materials

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A Very Effective And Natural Gripping Toy

Dog toy from the Natural Fun line for dogs. The toys in the Natural Fun range are free from chemicals or toxicants, as well as artificial dyes. Thanks to their manufacture with natural materials, they are recyclable and durable, thus helping to preserve the environment.

This toy, in the shape of a steering wheel, is perfect to be able to throw it to our pets and have a good time playing with them. These play times are essential for the good development of any dog.

The exterior of the toy is made of natural leather, this material allows our dog an easy grip with the teeth, because it does not slip at all . But in turn, not being a rigid material, it does not harm them at all.

Keep constant supervision of the toy to replace it with another in case of damage or breakage.

Measurement: 20 cm diameter