Trimming & Deodorant Powder Spray 300 Ml

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Cream Powder, Bleach, Trimming, Deodorant
Creta Powder, Bleach, Deodorant Trimming.

Calcium Carbonate Spray.

. The resinous effect is immediate.
. It prevents hairs from slipping when pulling with fingers, cutting blades or directly with fingers.
. It is applied directly to the area to begin with. You don't have to wait.
. The dog feels less of the tear with which he works much faster.
. Its fresh deodorant aroma makes the cut pleasant for the hairdresser.

White in yellowish or gray textured white covers. Ideal for texturing and bleaching at the same time in breeds like Westies (especially for the head), Schnauzers (legs), Samoyedos, Bobtails ...