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Original large tree scraper two heights for gatos. Tying a scraper tree is essential in a house with cats. Because it can ease some of their most basic instincts, like scratching, marking the territory, reading, or exercising. This scraper has all the necessary ingredients to meet these needs, and is perfect for homes with one or more cats. · Two heights for climbing exercise · 3 pole sisal covered scrapers on the base perfect for scratching and sharpening their nails. · An original gatera upper entrance to the first level, which will become the perfect refuge for shelter and rest. We also will serve as a tower of which the environmental control, thanks to two holes having one side. · A platform lined with soft black plush, padded on one side to rest and stretch nicely at the top. An elastic feather attached to the top platform, which will give hours of fun to your gato.El design is very stylish, all lined with super soft fabric in black except for the natural sisal and catnip from the first height , of which it is made of olive green felt. Felt is a pleasant and very durable material, as well as environmentally friendly. Measure: 59 x 40 x (alt.) 103 cm.