OSCAR CAT WC gray and white

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Cat toilet toilet with folding front door, easy to clean. Asa and built-in filter design. Thanks to its closed design reduces the maximum dispersion of grains of sand, while maintaining the stay free of bad olores.El cat has privacy and feel more comfortable going to the aseo.Está made of the premium smooth plastic, non-toxic and resistant to UV rays. Translucida hinged door that allows light to pass inside the room, reducing the feeling of being locked away. The roof has ventilation slots where the installation of carbon filters that trap anti-odor and neutralize odors, ensuring a clean and cool environment. It presents stops located on the legs, which minimize their desplazamiento.Medidas: (. Alt) 50 x 37 x 39 cm.Filtros pieces of sandboxes. Ref. L40020 Click here to view