3.2mm metal collars for short-haired dogs

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Chromed steel clamps with a very nice shiny finish.

Very resistant, they withstand heavy loads and significant traction.
Welded with a very fine and very resistant finish.
< br> We help you choose the most suitable for your dog:
- The short link (3.2 mm thick) is suitable for short-haired dogs.
- The medium link (3 mm thick ) is suitable for small to medium sized longhair dogs.
- The long link (4mm thick) is suitable for both longhaired and large dogs.

Depending on the coat type and size, choose the most suitable type of chain for your dog.
Then measure your dog's neck and determine the most suitable size.
Please note that these collars are worn over the head of the dog to put them on, so take into account the size of the skull.