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Wrap diaper for gifted dogs BREATHE-COMFORT technology BREATHE-COMFORT is a high-tech fabric that is manufactured under special procedures in order to achieve both moisture and wind permeability and a pleasant touch and soft, which is very practical not only to usar.BREATHE-CONFORT allows perfect breathability and the rain and the wind does not penetrate; Also get to maintain the body's natural temperature outside of performing activities. No matter how extreme they become temperatures; BREATH-COMFORT keep its qualities of comfort from -20 ° to 45 ° where vaya.Se is a garment that also practices the technical characteristics of its fabrics, is elegant, modern and easy to put on and inside is quitar.El a Special lining drying belly and chest Velcro rápido.Cierres to provide maximum commissioning and shrinkage as well as for a perfect fit. From size 50 cm. two Velcro straps on the interior rear side elastic straps. Gomas for the housing remains fixed and does not move sideways with the movements of the perro.Available in all sizes. CHOOSE THE RIGHT Height 1. Measure the dog's back from the base of the neck to the base of the cola. 2. Find the measurement in the table and choose the height below which you will correspondería. 3. Measure the circumference of the chest and make sure you have selected the table size is correcta.Lavar cold in the washing machine. Back Contour Chest * * 25 40 cm.30 cm.30 cm.34 50 cm.35 44cm 42cm to 62 cm.40 62 cm.46 cm.50 cm.54 chapter M.45 63 72 cm.55 cm.58 cm 0.60 cm. 60 84 to 84 cm. 65 cm. 66 cm. 70 cm. 72 94 to 102 cm. * approximate measurements