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Colored chalk stick to disguise hair dogs. Perfect for covering gray hair and small bald spots, to enhance and define hair colors. They retire to the bathroom. Do not punish the hair or damage the skin.Its widely used in the world of dog shows, movies, announcements ... chalks are applied directly stick, giving small strokes on the coverage area. Can be used in all types of mantos.Resultan practices especially in areas that require precise applications: small areas or bald spots mantas with completely different defined colors: can be directly APPLYING applied, but combining them with others 1: Finished product effect.For best specific small areas are obtained. a fixative cream on the area to be covered by the massage with back. 2 apply. the area is painted directly not to cover the other exposed under colores.3. It applies a fixative spray to withstand its effects and not to tocar spots.In larger areas: 1. a line of fixative cream is applied to the palm and applied to the coverage area, massaging to spread evenly. Chalk (powder) is applied using the tap brush base to penetrate and fix well. He shakes to drop the sober. 4. It applies a fixative spray to support its effects and does not stain with tocar.Otra how to apply them. In Longhair: 1. Apply a blow of foam on the palm of your mano.2. It is mixed with chalk (powder) of the desired color creating a cream color 3. It applies in the area covered humedecida.4 previously. It becomes very dry combing cuidado.5. It applies a fixative spray to support its effects and does not stain to the touch.