Heiniger Saphir Basic (on battery)

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Heiniger Saphir Basic cordless trimmer


The Heiniger Saphir Basic professional clipper, renowned for its unrivaled Swiss quality, is designed to meet the demands of professional groomers. With a power of 7.4V, this mower offers exceptional performance while being light and quiet. Its low voltage guarantees maximum safety, ensuring risk-free handling, even for the most sensitive animals.


Equipped with the Clip System cutting system, the Heiniger Saphir Basic clipper ensures precise and efficient grooming. Combined with a pair of quality scissors for finishing touches, it allows you to obtain results worthy of the best professionals. Its smooth and silent operation offers optimal comfort for both the animal and the groomer.

Technical information

The Heiniger Saphir Basic has a variation speed of 2650 oscillations per minute, which reduces heat production during prolonged use. It is compatible with Optimum, Oster, Moser, Wahl, Andis cutting heads, thus offering versatility appreciated by grooming professionals.

Additional Questions and Answers

Q: What accessories are included with the Heiniger Saphir Basic trimmer?
A: The trimmer comes with a set of handy accessories, including 1 Heiniger Nº10 (1.5 mm) cutting head , 1 rechargeable battery, a simple charging base allowing you to charge only the battery integrated into the machine, as well as a cleaning kit including a brush and oil.

Q: What warranty is offered with the Heiniger Saphir Basic trimmer?
A: The trimmer is backed by a one-year professional warranty, ensuring users' peace of mind when to its reliability and durability.

5 signs that may encourage you to use the Heiniger Saphir Basic clipper:

  1. Looking for a professional mower of renowned Swiss quality.
  2. Need a lightweight, quiet and powerful clipper for precise grooming.
  3. Preference for a mower offering maximum safety thanks to its low voltage.
  4. Interest in a trimmer compatible with a variety of renowned cutting heads.
  5. Wish to benefit from a one-year professional warranty for complete peace of mind.

This product sheet aims to present the Heiniger Saphir Basic cordless mower in an exhaustive manner, highlighting its technical characteristics, its advantages as well as practical information for potential users. By combining quality, performance and reliability, this clipper is an ideal choice for grooming professionals looking for an efficient and versatile tool.