"The Sentinel" Waxing Knives by Rony de Munter

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"The Sentinel" depilatory knives

The "Sentinel" trimmers are designed by the famous breeder and groomer Rony De Munter. Handcrafted in Belgium, the materials used are:

- A high quality metal alloy, stronger and lighter than usual.

- Varnished beech wood from sustainable European forests, with a varnish approved by the FSC as safe for the environment with A +.

Two references in stock:

- W2 (Ref. TG0805)

Fine-tooth blade, for right-handed people.

The basic and main blade for regular hair removal jobs, that is to say for the hard coats which one meets most frequently.

It makes it possible to grip and pluck short hairs with incredible ease, for greater precision and perfection in the finish of the toilet.

Ideal for the body and essential for shorter areas such as the ears, head, shoulders, ...

- W3 (Ref. TG0806)

Wide tooth blade, for right-handed people.

Suitable for intensive hair removal of hard hairs. Particularly comfortable on dense and long coats which generally require stripping spaced over time. Its extraordinary grip makes grooming incredibly easy.

Indispensable tool for professional hair removal.

Particularly suitable for groomers and breeders who appreciate grooming tough coats.