TECH IN COLOR, color reviver

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Tech In Color:

Natural pigments to revive white, black, gray, brown, red, apricot, blonde coats.

Who is this product made for?

Everyone will find a real interest in it!
☑️ Groomers ☑️ Breeders ☑️ Individuals ☑️ Competitors ☑️ Handlers
TECH IN COLOR is a specific professional product to enhance the natural color of the dress . The natural pigments contained in this product interact with the keratin structures of the hair in order to prolong the effect over time, thus making it possible to retain the shine until the next treatment.

Explanations of the different versions available

Coat color Choice of Product
White, bi / tricolor -> Tech in Color A
Black, gray, blue -> Tech in Color B
Apricot, red, fawn -> Tech in Color C
Brown, ruby ​​ -> Tech in Color D
Blond, cream -> Tech in Color E

Composition: focus on naturalness!

✨Pigments and reflective substances, combined with the keratin structures of the hair, illuminate it, highlighting its natural color

Examples and suggested uses

🔥Tech in Color drops are usually emulsified in the diluted shampoo, or in the final mask. The indicative basis is 40 drops per liter. The doses may change depending on the intensity of color desired. Leave on for a few minutes before rinsing.

🔥You want to intensify the absorption of natural pigments even more (do not apply to white coats): outside the classic bath cycle, mix fairly concentrated Tech in Color in water (possibly with a little 'Oils 4 elements), and apply to dry hair. Do not dry, do not rinse. Allow to absorb.

Recommended associations

🍀Mix with all the products from the Special One range: masks, shampoos, conditioners.

Our commitments

Cosmetics biodegradable at + 90%

Paraben-free, Silicone-free

Not tested on animals.

Recyclable PEHD02 packaging

Choice by race?

🎈 Some examples of breeds that Bain pro makes people happy:
✔️ All Cats
✔️ All dogs in a grooming salon to avoid having knots too fast
✔️ All curly furs (Poodles, Bichons, Kerry Blue, Soft Coaten, Bedlington, etc.)
✔️ All Cockers (American, English)
✔️ All Tibetan breeds (Shih-Tzu, Lhassa, Tibetan Terrier, etc)
✔️ English Dwarf Spaniels (Cavalier and King Charles)
✔️ More generally all long and silky furs (Yorkshires, Afghans, etc.)
✔️ All terriers (Scottish, Westie, Welsh, etc)
The list is long and not exhaustive!


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