Dogtrace X30 GPS Tracking System

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Dogtrace X30 GPS Tracking System
X30T GPS Tracking System by Dogtrace.
The X30T includes all the functionality of the X20 GPS system. This control device allows the dog's position to be controlled with a handset, a mobile phone or both at the same time.
The Dogtrace X30T device allows a handset to be associated with an Android smartphone.
The application "Dogtrace GPS" adds new features for user convenience:
· MAPS: This feature allows dog collars to be tracked with the help of Google Maps.
· Download maps for off-site use connection (displays maps without an internet connection).
· Additional information about dogs and their position.
· TRACK: records and logs dog collar routes.
· Records time and location barking.
· BEEPER: Dog collars emit two different acoustic tones.

The range of the X30 GPS is up to 20 km.
· Track up to 'to 13 dogs at the same time, hunters or crossing points.
· The battery life e st between 40 and 50 hours.
· Waterproof handset and collar.
· Vehicle use Compass, Fence, Beeper and Car are also available in X30T.

* The Dogtrace X30 kit includes a handset, collar, dual USB charger, user guide and “Dogtrace” carry bag.
** Smartphone shown in images not included with device.
*** Please note that the application only works with ANDROID 5.0 ​​or higher.


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