Special Rinse, "leave-in" shampoo

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Shampoo WITHOUT RINSE, ideal for removing traces and other organic soiling. Odors also disappear instantly.

Who is this product made for?

Everyone will find a real interest in it!
☑️ Groomers ☑️ Breeders ☑️ Individuals ☑️ Competitors ☑️ Handlers

What benefits can I expect?

✅ Eliminate tasks
✅ Eliminate unpleasant organic odors
✅ Its blue color is used to revive white coats

Composition: focus on naturalness!

The formulation of Special Rinse has been enriched with a gentle cleansing and moisturizing composition to complement the coat with important functional elements. Its action accentuates the aesthetic beauty and the shine of the coat. It also contains an important blue pigment that prevents yellowing of white coats. Pleasantly scented.

Examples and suggested uses

✨Applies to soiled, dry or wet hair.

✨Leave for a few moments, dry or leave in the open.

✨ We put it in the second shampoo, pure on the area we want to whiten in particular.

Recommended associations

Can also be mixed with all the shampoos of the Special One range to revive white colors.
We advise you to use it alone outside the bath to avoid soiling, to avoid organic odors

Our commitments

Cosmetics biodegradable at + 90%

Paraben-free, Silicone-free

Not tested on animals.

Recyclable PEHD02 packaging

Choice by race?

🎈 Some examples of races that Special Rinse makes people happy:
✔️ All Cats
✔️ All Dogs
✔️ Ideal to have in your grooming case for competitions or exhibitions (can save you at the last minute in the event of an accident)
✔️ Perfect for Chow Chow
✔️ Perfect for a Newfoundland
✔️ Ideal for your Saint Bernard

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