BLUE SKY PRO, can be diluted 40 times!


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Blue Sky Pro is a professional Special One highly concentrated UNIVERSAL shampoo

Who is this product for?

Everyone will find it of real interest!
☑️ Groomers ☑️ Breeders ☑️ Competitors ☑️ Handlers
It has been designed for GROOMING SALONS and BREEDERS: for ultra-fast and economical grooming. The best value for money.

What benefits can I expect?

✅ A bath for dogs & cats of all ages (from babies to seniors)
✅ Deeply cleans and sanitizes (effectively washes even the dirtiest animals - without stripping or damaging the skin)
✅ Gives all hair a glow
✅ Aincreases natural defenses to protect the keratin structure
✅ A better shine and a more pleasant touch of the hair
Allows frequent bathing without any risk to skin and hair

Composition: focus on naturalness!

The formulation of Blue Sky Pro respects the skin thanks to its emollient and structuring cream.
This professional shampoo including moisturizing agents has been designed to accelerate and optimize grooming while providing maximum results on the texture of the hair.

You will appreciate its natural composition:
🍀 Yuzu Ceramide B (improves the suppleness of the outer layer of the skin and improves skin renewal)
🍀Pineapple extract (Plumping, antioxidant, exfoliating)
🍀Thyme Oils (vpurifying and antioxidant virtues)
🍀Tea tree (The tee tree purifies, cleanses and tones the skin)
🍀Palm tree (very nourishing, protective, prevents skin dehydration)

Examples and suggested uses

This shampoo is to be diluted at 1/40 = 25mL of shampoo for 1L of water (= 2 tablespoons per liter = 1 pump pressure)

Example 1 🔥 In a grooming or breeding salon: cleaning shampoo in the first step, or generalist for the whole bath.

Use Blue Sky Pro as the first shampoo for dirty or neglected pets (replaceable with Aqua Pure pro in this action choice).
As a second shampoo, you can choose a more specific shampoo, such as Bain pro or Aquarosa Pro for example.
If you appreciate its ultra-versatile side, Blue Sky Pro may very well be the only shampoo for all "ordinary" dogs.
Its high dilution will make the bath ultra economical (much cheaper than the so-called "discount" brands) while having all the effects of a top-of-the-range brand, with all the care that we know at Special One for finalize ultra-qualitative formulations.
Finish the bath with Hydrating Cream and/or Bombastic.

Example 2 🔥 For dogs needing special cleaning
Again, it will play on the same register as the Aqua pure pro, compare the two to decide.
In several special cases, such as males with their extreme soiling, or dogs tending to be a little greasy or dirty, and who need a strong cleaning power, Blue Sky pro proves to be very useful as a first step. shampoo, or even included in the Bio Energy Plus.


❌Sif you are a competitor, if you are preparing for competitions, we advise you to use a dog shampoo specialist in a specific field (Bain Pro, Platynum Pro, 4Poodle, Keratine Pro, Aquablu Pro). They will allow you to achieve unparalleled performance in each of their specialties.

Recommended Combinations

A combination of Blue Sky Pro shampoo with integrative products will allow you to optimize the grooming result.

The direct competitor of the Blue Sky Pro remains the Aquarosa pro. because both make it possible to wash all the races. blue sky pro is more cleansing, while aquarosa is softer and more nourishing. it's up to you to compare :)

However, our favorite wedding rings go to:

🤝Bath pro, Aquarosa Pro, Aquapure Pro in shampoos

🤝Hydrating cream, Bombastic and Aqua Dolce as a final mask

🤝Finalize grooming with Mix Pink, Absolute 4poodle or Style 360

Our commitments

+90% biodegradable cosmetics

Paraben-free, Silicone-free

Not tested on animals.

Recyclable packaging HDPE02

Choice by race?

🐶 Some examples of breeds on which Bain pro makes people happy:

✔️ All Cats
✔️ All dogs in the grooming salon (Perfect for tall short, double or medium-length coats, for scissor cuts)

The list is long and not exhaustive!

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