Easidri Cooling Towel

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Easidri - the pet towel: Super absorbent, reusable, machine washable, tough and tough - resists tearing and shredding.

Cooling + drying towel for dog


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How does this revolutionary dog ​​towel work?

The Easidri dog grooming towel is a super absorbent towel with several possible uses. Because it absorbs up to 50% more water than a conventional towel, the Easidri is truly a sponge in towel disguise.


Maintains your cool dog or horse in hot weather
Easidri towels retain water without letting it drain
Will only leave liquid when you wring it out
Will not wet your dog's coat
Machine washable
Can be disinfected to get rid of odors (great for fox poo!)
Absorbs 3 times faster and contains 50% more water than a normal chamois
N ' does not need to be dried when you are done using it
It does not lint or leave lint
Tear and shred resistant
Hard and durable
Resistant to lots of chemicals
Use over and over again
Comes with a sturdy plastic storage case
Lots of household uses too

< p> Made from alcohol P lyvinyl (PVA) which produces a synthetic sponge. Think about the 3D porous structure!
Easidri manages to retain so much water thanks to hydrophilic OH-Radicals in its molecular structure.
Wet elasticity. The towel becomes soft and supple in the water, absorbing liquid like a natural sea sponge

Use, maintenance and conservation

Dry your dog or horse quickly and easily
Perfect for drying hard-to-reach places such as the face and legs
Take with you on walks, swimming, vacations, trips, camping, etc.
Use as a cooling blanket for your dog, on the floor of the car boot, the water does not seep in because it is held in the towel.
Use it as a cooling layer for your dog or horse in hot weather
Very easy to use
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