Scott Breathe Comfort Dog Coat

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Coat + Scott Breathe Comfort

Waterproof dog coat equipped with BREATHE-COMFORT technology. BREATHE-COMFORT is a high-tech fabric produced under special procedures to simultaneously achieve high moisture and wind permeability and a pleasant, soft touch, which is very comfortable to use. BREATHE-CONFORT does not only allow perfect perspiration and that rain and wind do not penetrate; It also manages to maintain the body's natural temperature during outdoor activities. No matter how extreme the temperatures get; BREATHE-COMFORT will maintain its qualities of comfort from -20 to 45º wherever you go. This stylish coat with a blue and white checkered pattern will perfectly protect your dog from the cold, as it covers the entire back, neck and a large part of the stomach. The interior has a particularly warm lining. Thanks to the button and velcro on the neck, it will be very easy to insert through the head of your animal, as well as to adjust it once put on. For a perfect fit, you also have an elastic with a stopper on the top of the neck. It closes with an adhesive tape with Velcro around the belly to facilitate maximum adjustment and removal, as well as to achieve a perfect fit. At the base of the neck has an opening to be able to hang the strap easily on the collar. Internal lateral elastic bands so that the coat remains fixed and does not move sideways with the movements of the dog. Available in all sizes. Two prints to choose from. If you want a special color, please indicate this when ordering. HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE 1. Measure the back of the dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. 2. Find the measurement in the table and choose the size below that it would match. 3. Measure around the chest and make sure the size you have selected from the table is correct. Wash cold in the washing machine. Back * Thorax Contour * 25 cm 34 to 48 cm. 30 cm 36 to 56 cm. 35 cm 42 to 62 cm. 40 cm 54 to 68 cm. 45 cm 60 to 74 cm. 50 cm 64 to 80 cm. 55 cm 70 to 88 cm. 60 cm 74 to 92 cm. 65 cm 78 to 98 cm. 70 cm 86 to 100 cm. 75 cm 88 to 102 cm. * Approximate measurements