Bag for Dog Treats Iba "TREKKING"

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Iba "TREKKING" Prize Bag

Prize bag perfect for walks with our dog, as well as for his training.

The award given to our dogs immediately after obeying an order reinforces a learning which, in turn, is fun for both.

When we use this basic education system, it is convenient for us to have the prizes within easy reach, while having the freedom to carry a toy, hold the wrist strap, etc. This is the function of the bag for the Trekking prices. Attaches to a pocket, belt or buckle and can be opened with one hand.

The top opening can be adapted by being more or less open as needed.

Made of durable material in black color. Its use is excellent in low light situations, as the design of the pattern and the tape that surrounds the top edge are reflective.

Measurement: 15 x 12 cm.