Bringable Dummy Bag With Strap for dog

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Stimulate Your Dog With This Dog Dummy Leure Shaped As A Play Bag
Bringable dog dummy perfect for training and playing.

This Amigo-Life dummy is a 27cm bag. in length and 7cm. large. The padding is cotton and the exterior is very dense nylon, which gives it great strength and durability.

Lures and dummies are widely used in sports and hunting training.

It is also perfect for playing by throwing it away thanks to the 17 cm nylon cord. which has one end. By giving it a snack or any other reward when it brings it to you, you will teach it a basic type of obedience that is very useful in various situations.

Despite its resistance, no toy is indestructible, we will help you. therefore recommend to watch it and to change it in case of deterioration or breakage.

Total measurement (without cord): 27 cm.

Available in green and yellow.