Pure Paws Texturizing Paste 177 Ml Texture Line

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Pure Paws Texture Thickening Paste
Fixing cream for dogs and cats from the Pure Paws Texture Line.

Capacity: 177 ml.

Two possible functions:

1. Excellent base for fixing chalk. It is applied before applying chalk.

Get the best results:
• Apply a small amount with fingertips to the area to be chalked.
• Apply chalk or chalk without waiting. You can do this directly or with a special bristle brush for chalk.
• For greater hold, apply Texture Thickening Spray.

2. Intense conditioner to provide great heaviness to the coat.

Maximize your results:
• Apply a small amount with fingertips to areas of the coat needed for increased fall and heaviness.
• In the bathroom, apply, wait a few minutes and clarify.
• For greater intensity, apply, wait overnight and rinse it in the bathroom the next day.