Pure Paws Terrier Touch Shampoo 473ml Terrier Touch Line

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Pure Paws Texturizing Shampoo
Pure Paws Texturizing Shampoo is specially formulated to meet the needs of our terrier's coarse hair.

It performs three functions in one shampoo:
• PROTECTS: we modify much the coat of our burrows using chalks and sprays, to which are added daily environmental problems such as the accumulation of dirt and the constant changes of weather.
This shampoo helps protect the hair, thus reducing hair loss. loss.
It keeps hair roots and skin nourished in optimal condition for healthy hair growth.
• CLEAN: Texturizing shampoo deeply cleanses the coat without modifying it. Unlike other shampoos on the market, Texturizing Shampoo has been specially designed to help keep hair clean, without damaging the skin and / or coat.
• VOLUME: One of the goals of grooming is to make the hair look clean. beautiful and full-bodied coat. With Texturizing Shampoo, you can achieve this with its proteins that strengthen the root by generating natural volume and texture.