Pure Paws Silk Basics Plus Conditioner 473 Ml

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Silk Basics Plus Conditioner
Conditioner formulated to provide maximum heaviness to the coat of dogs and cats, from the Pure Paws range of Silk Basics Plus.

Enriched with silk, plant extracts and herbs to create a healthy, strong, shiny and manageable coat.

For long, sleek coats that require a straighter coat. Maximum heaviness.

Composed by:
- Keratin. It improves the health and resistance of the hair.
- Silk amino acids. Add shine and strengthen damaged hair.
- Vitamin B12 from panthenol. Restores natural thickness.
- Aloe Vera. Heals and repairs the skin. Adding Natural Glow

For best results, dilute 1 part Silk Basics Plus Conditioner in 8-10 parts lukewarm water. Apply to the coat, leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse.