Pure Paws Sealer Magic Conditioner 473ml Color Line

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Pure Paws Sealer Magic Conditioner
Designed to seal in the magic of magic shampoo.
It can be used after rinsing out any shampoo.
It maintains intense colors!

" Sealer Magic "can be used with all types of coats.
Particularly recommended for thin coats with a tendency to tangling like Maltese or Yorkshire.
It gives the coat an incredible finesse, making it easier to drying and brushing.
Helps smooth wavy coats.

Magic seals:
1. Low thermal conductivity.
2. High refractive index.
3. Protect delicate keratin.
4. Add brightness and luminosity.

For best results, dilute in the following proportions depending on the type of coat:
• Coats with fall: 1 part of Sealer Magic in 8 parts of water.
• Double coats: 1 part Sealer Magic in 12 parts water.
• Rigid lids: 1 part Sealer Magic in 16 parts water.