Pure Paws Brightening Shampoo 473ml Star Line

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BRILLANT Champú - Pure Paws

Moisturizing shampoo that gives a spectacular glow. Designed to deeply cleanse the pores and revitalize the skin. Pure Paws ULTRA BRIGHTENING shampoo provides special luminosity in shades of all colors of dog and cat. White the white blanket without leaving any bluish residue. Improve other colors without modifying them; It is 100% safe. It does not use enzymes to enhance color, it is created from a mixture of microscopic optical brighteners. These fine crystals help reflect the base color of the coat. The prism effect creates beautiful, crisp, white tones in all hair types. Unique Polishing Blend: · Optical Brighteners: Enhance dark colors and brighten light tones. · Mild cleansers: Deep cleans without drying out the coat. Cleanses pores for a healthy, shiny coat. OPTIMIZE YOUR RESULTS: · Dilute 1 part of shampoo in 8 to 10 parts of water. · Apply the shampoo twice, clarifying each of them with plenty of water. · Use with other products from the Pure Paws range.