Stem attachment ring

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Very strong steel buckle to hold the dog on the stem of the grooming table.

Steel buckles are necessary in grooming salons to hold the dog in a correct position, and to prevent the dog to move or even escape.

This buckle is made of very resistant steel covered with a flexible black plastic. The part around the neck is protected by a soft foam also in black color, so the dog will be more comfortable when resting his neck.

Available in three different sizes. The smallest (S) is also the thinnest (3mm), and is perfect for breeds with thin, sensitive necks.

Medium and large sizes are 5mm thick.

The length of each is as follows:
- S - 45 cm.
- M - 55 cm.
- L - 67 cm.

To adjust the buckle to the thickness of the dog's neck, there is a plastic piece on the smaller loop, and a steel piece on the other two sizes.

The attachment is a very strong steel carabiner.

Waterproof in case you use it to hold the dog in the tub.