Disposable educational pads PADS

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"Puppy Trainer" disposable pad
Disposable and highly absorbent pads for dogs. Pads are a good tool to teach puppies where we want them to defecate.

They are also very useful for travel, as we can put them on the ground and prevent the animal to get wet with its own urine in case it does not last until its next outing.

When we use them to educate a puppy, it is convenient not to change them right away, so that he connects his scent to where he will return to poop.

These will come in very handy if you have a sick dog that can't move.

Guard your house and your pet cleaner with these pads.

Sleeping pads for Puppy Trainer Size S (Ref. KA0107):
Ref C60161. Package of 10 units. 45x35cm.

Mail pads for Puppy Trainer Size M (Ref. KA0108):
Ref C60162. Package of 10 units. 60x45cm.
Ref C60163. Package of 20 units. 60x45cm.