Black Print Saddlebag 23x15 Cm

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Black bag stamped
Lightweight black bag for dogs with bone print. Perfect complement for your excursions.

Each side of the satchel has a large pocket and one also has a 2nd compartment mesh with velcro. It is practical to load the pockets in a balanced way for the greatest comfort of our dog.

Made of nylon. The inner lining is padded to prevent irritation.

The union of the saddlebags is made of a breathable mesh fabric. This union is surmounted by a top handle to hold our animal comfortably.

It has three adjustable attachment points, one at the chest and two that go under the chest and stomach. These straps prevent the backpack from moving sideways.

It is available in two sizes. Measure your back and the outline of your dog's chest and choose the one that suits him best.

Back (a)
Chest outline (B)
Small 12 cm 42 to 92 cm.
Big 15 cm 70 to 118 cm.