MODEL CREAM, hooking cream for whitening


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✨Hanging cream to whiten the hair✨

Who is this product made for?

Everyone will find a real interest in it!
✅ Groomers ✅ Breeders ✅ Individuals ✅ Competitors ✅ Handlers

What benefits can I expect?

✅ Hair whitening
✅ Structure and shape the coats
✅ Easily prepare the hair
✅ Ideal for supporting the texture or weighing down the coat as appropriate
✅ Significantly improves the aesthetic beauty of coats
✅ Prepare the coats of many breeds for preparation for shows

A natural composition!

🍀Model Cream has been enriched with keratin to increase the structure of the coat with an immediate effect. The action of the product is particularly sensitive on the hair clean to condition before the competition: it perfectly prepares the hair, thus protecting it from subsequent work with colored plasters or bleaching powders.

Examples and suggested uses

To be used on dry hair.
🔥Apply MODEL CREAM very thin and light; it must cover all of the hair to be bleached, without showing any lumps or excess thickness.
Homogenize the distribution by massaging and / or brushing.

🔥When the cream film is satisfactory, sprinkle the SOFT GROOMING POWDER, and help grip by pressure (manual).
Repeat the dusting until the desired color is obtained.

Recommended associations

✨ Perfectly finalizes any Special One program, since hair bleaching is possible on all types of hair and on all textures, from the coarsest to the silkiest.

The combination of Model Cream and impalpable powder SOFT GROOMING POWDER provides you with discreet coverage and high-performance, long-lasting whitening.

Our commitments

Cosmetics biodegradable at + 90%

Without SLES, Without Paraben, Without silicone

Not tested on animals.

PEHD02 recyclable packaging

Choice by race?

🎈 Some examples of breeds on which Model Cream is unanimous:
✔️ All Cats
✔️ All Dogs
✔️ All curly furs (Poodles, Bichons, Kerry Blue, Soft Coaten, Bedlington, etc.)
✔️ All Shepherds (Australians, Belgians, Germans, etc)
✔️ All Cockers (American, English)
✔️ All Tibetan breeds (Shih-Tzu, Lhasa, Tibetan Terrier, etc)
✔️ English Dwarf Spaniels (Cavalier and King Charles)
✔️ More generally all long and silky furs (Yorkshires, Afghans, etc.)
✔️ All water dogs, retrievers and herdsmen (Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Golden, etc.)
✔️ All primitives / double-coats (Spitz, Eurasiers, Samoyeds, etc.)
✔️ All terriers (Scottish, Westie, Welsh, etc)
The list is long and not exhaustive!