Microdenture MIA Straight Scissors

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Mía Professional Microtoothed Grooming Scissors


Mía Microtoothed Scissors offer unrivaled performance for dog grooming professionals. Designed to ensure maximum control over different types of hair, these scissors stand out for their micro-toothed blade, guaranteeing precise and clean cuts. Their perfect balance and smoothness of use reduce fatigue, allowing extended grooming sessions without compromising user comfort.


Ideal for work requiring absolute precision, these scissors are recommended for clean, tangle-free cuts on hair. Their design ensures effective cutting on various types of hair, making each grooming session more fluid and pleasant, both for the professional and for the animal.

Technical Information

Made from high quality steel, these scissors feature a hardness of 56 to 58 HRC, ensuring durability and strength. Their asymmetrical handle and finger protectors provide exceptional comfort. Available in two sizes, with blade lengths adapted to the specific needs of professional grooming, they come with a premium sheath for optimal protection.

Additional Questions and Answers

Q: What is the best way to maintain these scissors? A: To maintain optimal performance, clean and lubricate the blades regularly, and be sure to use them only on clean and detangled hair.

Q: Are these scissors suitable for all hair types? A: Absolutely, their micro-toothed design makes them perfect for a variety of hair types, providing a clean, clean cut. precise every time.

5 signs that can encourage you to use Mía Microtoothed Scissors

  1. You are looking for unparalleled precision in your grooming cuts.
  2. You work on various types of hair and need a versatile tool.
  3. You want to reduce fatigue during long grooming sessions.
  4. Quality and durability are essential when choosing your grooming tools.
  5. You prioritize comfort and safety for you and the animals during grooming.

These scissors are a revolution in the field of professional grooming, offering a perfect combination of performance, comfort, and precision.

Micro-toothed scissors offer a unique advantage: they allow greater control when cutting hair, especially on varied and complex coats. This feature ensures increased precision and a cleaner finish, preventing hairs from sliding along the blade while cutting, which is crucial for grooming professionals looking for flawless, consistent results.