Cutting Head Gh700 0.05 Mm

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Aesculap Heads

Heads valid exclusively for Aesculap Favorita II and Speed ​​haircutting machines for dog hairdressers. Made of high quality German steel. Very strong VERY IMPORTANT: · Apply the "cooling spray" before, during and after any work with a sprayer. Prevent them from heating up. Overheating of steel tends to cause premature dulling. · The head should always run tight, lubricated and cool. WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE HEADS? The cut height of a head is the distance between the bottom of the comb of the head and the blade of the head. The height at which a head cuts and the finish that we can see depend on: · The cutting height of the head. · The design of the head: it differs from one brand to another. Within the same brand, from 3 mm. Two different models are available. · The type of hair and the density on which we cut. · The way in which the machine is positioned when cutting. Interesting article from the Canine Hairdressing and Cosmetics blog by Ibáñez Setterbakio: · Appropriate use of heads