Medium Brush Extra Long Pins

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Ibanez extra long metal barbed brushes
Ibáñez Extra long and soft metal toothbrushes.

Designed for those looking for both firmness and softness.

Functional and super professionals. Four models which differ in shape, size and length and, consequently, in the hardness of the teeth.

No bullet at the end. Ends of the teeth with an exceptional finish. The tip of the teeth is very soft, not aggressive so as not to scratch the skin of the dog or the cat.

Wooden handle very soft and pleasant to the touch. Thought to prevent them from breaking when they fall through negligence.

Much appreciated by breeders and experts.

Tooth length:
. A40053: Large, 3.3cm
. A40050, A40051, A40052: Medium, small and narrow, 2.5 cm.